Has your business considered marketing with Custom Lanyards?

Has your business considered marketing with Custom Lanyards?

Custom Lanyards may be arguably the best promotional product you can get. Let's dive deep into the many reasons; Low Quantities, Unlimited Colors, Endless Design Possibilities, Fun Company Swag to rock around the office.

Low Quantities

Not only our company (Promo by Cody McConnell), but most promotional merchandise suppliers offer custom lanyards at a minimum quantity of either 50 or 100. This may seem like a lot, but trust us, most printing companies offer these at a very affordable price. We offer them at $1.50 each for 100, either breakaway with a buckle or just a typical company lanyard. $1.50 for 100 lanyards may seem like a decent investment for a small business, but you could easily sell these for around $5 a unit - Bringing you in $3.50 per unit profit. If you sell all $100, that is a $350 profit adding to your business income. Not bad!


 Promo by Cody McConnell - Custom Lanyards - Showing off customers unique designs. 

Unlimited Colors with No Set-Up Fees

Custom Lanyards with your companies logo usually offer no additional fees, transparent pricing and the option of unlimited colors. Other promotional products such as; Custom Bulk Stylus Pens, Custom Stress Balls, Custom Mugs, Custom Apparel including T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tees/Tank tops all usually include set-up fees and limit to the amount of colors you can use on the product. Custom Logo Lanyards are MEANT to have multiple colors and have such a small print area that most corporate promotional swag suppliers eat the cost of this themselves. This is another great reason to why this product is such a great marketing tool for your business. Promo by Cody McConnell sells 100 Lanyards for $150 USD with NO additional fees. The prices you see on the product page, are the prices you pay. (Of course this is excluding tax).

Endless Design Opportunities - To match your branding.

Easily, the best part of Custom Lanyards. Complete control with NO graphic design skills needed. With such a long product, you can add a great amount of information to further help the awareness, publicity and overall marketing tools of your lanyard. Unlike other products such as a 'Custom USB Stick' for example, lanyards have such a wide print area where you can easily add your website, business information, borders, even multiple images that suit your business needs.
For example, let's say you own or are a Marketing Director at a Bowling Alley and you are shopping promotional products as a thank you gift to customers. While placing your order, you could ask our top-tier graphic designers: "Design me a custom lanyard that looks like a bowling lane. I want my logo and some business information on the lanyard as-well". - and Boom. Within 24 hours you have a Free Digital proof to review. - See what I mean, we handle all the design work ourselves. No need to worry about that! At this point, you can ask for any revisions or approve the design for production. 
Custom Business Promotional Lanyards for a Bowling Alley company
Custom Lanyard Design from Promo by Cody McConnell for a Bowling Alley Customer

Where to Buy Custom Lanyards with Your Logo

Promo by Cody McConnell has helped over 10,000 Companies by providing and hand designing Custom Lanyards for your company. With Free Digital mock-ups PRIOR to purchasing and extremely transparent pricing. We are definitely worth a try. Even if you don't purchase, It doesn't hurt to request a free digital proof just to see how your business lanyard would look!