Will I see how my product looks before it ships?

Yes, after your purchase you will receive a digital mock-up within 24 hours to be sure you approve. We will work with you until we achieve your desired design. At any point during this time, you are able to be ask for a refund of 100% of the sale if you disapprove of the design. If you do not reply to the 'Logo Approval' email within 14 days, we move forward and send the design into production.

Please note, the product color will be slightly different on the digital mock-up, v.s printed/produced. RGB vs CMYK.

I have multiple logos, do I qualify for the price break?

Unfortunately not. The price breaks only occur with the same design. For example, if you would like 500 units with five different logos, you need to purchase 100 units (five times).

When will I receive my package?

Production time is around 14 days, shipping is estimated 3-5 days. We estimated a 3 week turnaround time.

Tracking states that my package has been delivered, but I never received it.

We do not hold or accept responsibility as well as issue refunds or credits for packages that the courier confirms as delivered or items lost, stolen, returned or stuck in transit. Please contact the shipping courier to locate your order.

International Customs and VAT fees.

We are not responsible for the payment of customs or VAT fees. The fee varies by country.

Where can I track my package?

We recommend 17Track. (Available on Desktop or App Store)

Can I have a sample before I place an order?

Currently, we can not provide a sample of a product with your logo as the cost is too high for one unit. Feel free to purchase an Item Sample Pack for $15.00 for unbranded samples.

Are these the only products you offer?

We are constantly adding new products to our list as often as we can!

Where are you located?

We are located in Ontario, Canada. Although, we outsource our production work to top rated production warehouses across the world. This helps us keep our items the highest quality possible while maintaining costs as low as we can. - These production warehouses are mainly based in China.

Can I request a product to be added?

Sure! Send an email to info@codymcconnell-promo.com.