About Us

Meet Cody McConnell.

In 2020, I started to shift the market and industry of promotional merchandise in an attempt for businesses to no longer hand out ‘boring’ products that are thrown out and forgotten about. We strive to see promotional products that work and bring an ROI BACK to the business.

Fast forward, We have sold over 4.2 million units of promotional merchandise to date.

Making Promotional Merchandise ‘cool’.

All of us at Promo by Cody McConnell, want to set a standard for promotional merchandise. As a business owner myself before this journey, I found it daunting browsing 100s of different Custom Pen types to put my logo on. After finally finding a style I liked on Page 31/34. – As business owners know time is very important, and this took up a lot of time.  I would then be greeted by software on a website that simply placed my logo on the middle of the pen and would call it a day. No human interaction, no graphic designer input, no recommendations and not to mention, I hope I had the correct file type to upload! So many different letters to choose from, .png, .pdf, .jpeg .wtf?

That was my first shift in the industry. I am only going to offer the highest quality products and the most sought-after products in the promotional merchandise world. 1 type of Pen, 1 Type of Lanyard, 1 Type of Keychain, you name it. You will not be scrolling endlessly through 100s of pages of the same product.

I will have top-tier graphic designers, including myself create and design EVERY Free Digital Mock-Up, Order, and inquiry for all businesses and visions they have in mind. Digital Mock-ups are created and designed within a 24-hour turnaround. No more online generators, no more file-type requirements, and full customization. See below for an example of what is possible and why we stand out from the crowd.

I only want to sell the ‘coolest’ and most ‘unique’ promotional products, Custom Die-Cut Air Fresheners & Custom 3D Rubber Keychains to name a few. I want businesses to hand out swag to their customers or employees that will remember and be proud to use.


Demonstration of a Graphic Designer designing a Custom Lanyard with Your Logo - Promo by Cody McConnell

Transparent Pricing / No Set-Up Fees.

To continue my story, after finally sorting through 100s of pages of pens to find the one I wanted to order, I would be greeted by a ‘fill out your contact information to receive a quote within 48 hours’. – What a Buzzkill.

We are business owners, time is limited, and numbers matter.

We value and display all transparent pricing and quantities RIGHT on the product page on all of our custom promotional products we sell. The price you see, is the price you pay, no set-up fees at the checkout, no shipping cost, no design cost, and no extra cost based on colours, $215 for 100 Air Fresheners as seen on the product page, is the price you will pay when you reach the payment screen at the checkout. (Of course, we have to charge tax, this is the only extra charge you will see).

Over the past 3 years and with over 4.2 million products sold, we have only increased our prices ONCE and it was by 6%, we try our best to not raise our prices.

We even offer Item Sample Packs for $20 and to be transparent, we lose $4 per sample pack sold. We want to ensure the customer has full trust and approves of the quality of our products before placing a large order.

Why ‘Promo by Cody McConnell’? Why just your name?

Think of me as the ‘designer brand’ of promotional merchandise.

If I was unable to provide the services and expectations I had to businesses around the world, then my name is tarnished. I had a goal to change the industry to not only offer and personally design the ‘coolest’ promotional products but to provide the easiest, least time-consuming way to order them.

Too many promotional merchandise companies were very similar and I wanted to stand out.

“Promotional153” “Customproducts4you” “PromoPrintWorldwide”
(These are made-up names, but you get the idea).


I have a team working alongside me, but the name will stay as is, Promo by Cody McConnell. I hope it is easy to remember. Often I will use “Promo by CM” but, Promo by Cody McConnell appears on Google more frequently, search that instead. 


Ready to Order?

It is five easy steps and will always stay this easy.

  1. Visit: codymcconnell-promo.com
  2. Find the Product
  3. Choose the quantity
  4. Upload Logo + Add to cart/Pay
  5. Approve the design or ask for revisions via email within 24 hours.